Law is (not) a
question of money

With ROLAND litigatino funding

Facebook Class Action

ROLAND ProzessFinanz finances class action against Facebook at the Vienna Court

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5 good reasons to choose litigation funding with ROLAND:

5 good reasons

Being right is one thing – protecting your rights is another

Even when your prospects for success are strong, the outcome of legal proceedings is often very difficult to predict.

Litigation funding makes it possible for claimants and lawyers to bring their legitimate claims before the courts despite the high cost of legal proceedings and without having to themselves bear the attendant cost risk.

With us, pursuing a legal claim is not a question of money.

Anyone, whether a private individual or a company, can avail themselves of our litigation funding, as long as they and their case meet our criteria.

Bringing a claim without financial risk – equal opportunity in court

If you choose to fund your litigation with us, we assume all the costs necessary to press your claim most effectively.

Even if your suit is unsuccessful, you need not worry about the financial risk. We will also bear the costs our claimants’ opponents have incurred in the event of our claimants not prevailing.

We ensure that you and your opponent are on a level playing field and work with you as a team.

Even if the party you are suing is powerful and has deep pockets, we put you on a level playing field with them, which can help bring about a quick and positive outcome. We also support you with our trial experience, our expert witnesses, and the knowledge of our own staff lawyers.