IMF Bentham

Litigation funder pioneer in Australia

IMF Bentham is a leading global litigation and dispute financier, headquartered in Australia and with offices in the US, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and London.

IMF Bentham began funding disputes in Australia in the 1990s and has helped shape the globalized litigation finance industry via continual expansion and a record of achieving notable success rates and returns.

The company has built its reputation as a trusted provider of innovative litigation financing solutions and has established an increasingly diverse portfolio of litigation and dispute financing assets.

In October 2019, IMF Bentham and Omni Bridgeway – parent company of the German ROLAND ProzessFinanz – entered into a transaction to become a global leader in dispute resolution finance.

IMF Bentham, Omni Bridgeway and ROLAND ProzessFinanz have adopted the unified global name of Omni Bridgeway and will unveil a new global corporate identity with that name in the coming months.

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