Omni Bridgeway

Parent company with international expertise

Based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Omni Bridgeway maintains offices in London, Geneva, Singapore, and Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands, as well as a worldwide network of partners. Since 1986, the company has supported and provided funding for enterprises, financial services providers, and other investors in the context of international arbitration and the worldwide enforcement of claims resulting from arbitration proceedings and proceedings before the courts. As a general rule, Omni Bridgeway funds individual actions and disputes as well as collective actions with amounts in dispute of at least EUR 10 million. The total of funding provided exceeds EUR 2 billion.

The merger of ROLAND ProzessFinanz and Omni Bridgeway in the summer of 2017 brings together the respective expertise of two prominent litigation funders and unites them under one roof.

In total, the Group combines more than 50 years of experience in litigation funding in a team of more than 40 qualified legal and economic minds: It is a union of lawyers, economists, analysts, former investment bankers, and insolvency administrators with a common goal.

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