ROLAND Rechtsschutz

Longstanding partnership

For many years ROLAND ProzessFinanz used to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ROLAND Rechtsschutz within the ROLAND Group.

From its establishment in 1957, the ROLAND Rechtsschutz has been a specialist insurer offering innovative legal-insurance solutions for individual and industrial customers as well as enterprises. Its tailor-made legal-insurance products have made the enterprise one of the top providers of legal insurance in Germany for the past ten years, as well as a successful player on the Austrian and Italian legal-insurance markets. At the present time, the following companies are also part of the Group: ROLAND Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG, ROLAND Schutzbrief-Versicherung AG as well as ROLAND Assistance GmbH.

Since exiting the ROLAND Group in 2017, ROLAND ProzessFinanz offers a service to the customers of legal insurer ROLAND Rechtsschutz that is unique on the German market: It provides litigation funding for ROLAND customers regarding amounts in dispute of at least EUR 5,000.

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