About us

Local force with international allies

ROLAND ProzessFinanz AG has been on the market since 2001 and is thus one of the most experienced and established commercial litigation funders. Since mid-2017, we are part of the international litigation funder Omni Bridgeway based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and maintaining offices in Geneva, Singapore, Dubai, and Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands, as well as a worldwide network of partners.

The merger of ROLAND ProzessFinanz and Omni Bridgeway in the summer of 2017 brings together the respective expertise of two prominent litigation funders and unites them under one roof; thus, continental Europe’s leading litigation funder was created.

Together we enforce our customers’ claims – both domestically and abroad.

Our interests in this context line up exactly with those of our customers: We want to enforce their claims quickly and in a cost-efficient manner. To achieve this goal, we bring all of our experience, all of our passion, and all of our assertiveness to bear.

We are advocates of individualized concepts and tailor-made solutions; our many years’ experience and across-the-board expertise take us down new and sometimes unconventional paths – for our customers.

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