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The pros of ROLAND ProzessFinanz

Dr. Arndt Eversberg

Lawyer and CEO

International litigation funding, Arbitration proceedings

Dr. Arndt Eversberg has been at the helm of ROLAND ProzessFinanz since the spring of 2012. He has held leadership positions in the litigation funding market since 2000, including ten years as the managing director of Allianz Prozessfinanzierung.

Dr. Eversberg focuses on looking after international funding projects, and in particular on arbitration proceedings where he commands many years’ experience in all rules of arbitration. Beyond this, he also serves as the point of contact for all domestic and international collaboration partners of ROLAND ProzessFinanz.

Dina Komor

Lawyer and Prokurist

Cartel and competition law

After working in the fields of company law and economic law in a medium-sized law firm, Dina Komor has been evaluating funding inquiries for ROLAND ProzessFinanz since 2011; she provides funding for claims from all areas of the law. In 2013 she was made Prokurist (officer of the company vested with full commercial power of attorney) of the enterprise and since 2014 she has been the lawyer in charge of cartel law and portfolio actions as well as collective actions.

Nicole Huber

Lawyer and Prokurist

Construction and architects’ law, Inheritance law

Nicole Huber has been with ROLAND ProzessFinanz AG as a lawyer since the middle of 2014; in mid-2007 she was made Prokurist (officer of the company vested with full commercial power of attorney). Before joining ROLAND, she gained experience as a consulting and litigating lawyer mainly in the field of construction and architects’ law by working for medium-sized law firms.

At ROLAND ProzessFinanz she is responsible for the fields of construction and architects’ law and inheritance law.

She was accredited as a specialist lawyer for construction and architects’ law (Fachanwältin für Bau- und Architektenrecht) at the beginning of 2014 and successfully completed the advanced training course in inheritance law at the beginning of 2015.

Stephan Bensalah


Laws governing medical malpractice

Stephan Bensalah has been working as a lawyer since 2006. After completing his studies, he worked for one and a half years as a lawyer in a law firm and practised afterwards more than 10 years as an in-house lawyer and large loss adjuster for, among other things, medical malpractice claims at Zurich Insurance. Mr. Bensalah has negotiated major claims at all levels throughout Germany and has handled hundreds of liability claims.

Tatiana Bollmann


Laws governing medical malpractice, civil law

Tatiana Bollmann joined the team of ROLAND ProzessFinanz AG in 2014. Together with Sabine Eichner she is responsible for the fields of general civil law and economic law. Additionally, she lends support to the processing of cases from the field of medical law.

Before joining ROLAND ProzessFinanz, Tatiana Bollmann was in public service in the field of international legal cooperation at the federal level.

Sabine Eichner


Civil law

Before Sabine Eichner joined ROLAND ProzessFinanz AG in early 2016, she had worked for another leading litigation funder for more than ten years.

While one of Ms. Eichner’s points of focus is on banking and capital markets law, she is also responsible for inquiries from the fields of insurance law and sales law. Ms. Eichner successfully completed the advanced training course in insurance law and can draw on many years’ experience as a litigator and in litigation funding.

Daniela Hässler

Business Development Management

Daniela Hässler has been heading the Business Development department at ROLAND ProzessFinanz AG since 2013. Within this department she is responsible for the marketing, public relations work, and event management of the enterprise.

Before joining ROLAND, she looked after all marketing issues on a national level for a major international law firm, where she also served as coordinator for the firm’s international marketing.

Karl-Heinz Kühl

Lawyer (in-house lawyer)

Cartel and competition law

Karl-Heinz Kühl has been a lawyer (in-house lawyer) and working for ROLAND ProzessFinanz AG since 2017. Before joining ROLAND he worked in federal public service, looking after the planning and coordination of various projects.

His main focus in his work for ROLAND ProzessFinanz is on portfolio funding.

Jascha Rezvani


Cartel and competition law

Jascha Rezvani graduated first of his class from Ruhr-Universität Bochum where he had studied Economics (M.Sc.). While studying there, Mr. Rezvani was able to gather initial professional experience in the banking industry. He now lends support to ROLAND ProzessFinanz AG regarding financial issues and projects in the field of cartel law.

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